Brand Book Cloud

Easy create and quickly share you brandbook.
Enjoy effective online collaboration!

Who is this service for?

BrandBookCloud allows designers and their clients to work in collaboration on their current projects. This service can be used by any company which requires to store, manage and share their identity materials. Designers can upload and present drafts and/or final design items they produced to their clients. No matter how big your company is, you can benefit from using BrandBookCloud. You may simply store your graphic materials and create a few page displays as well as create a full scale brandbook for your clients and partners.

What you can do with Brandbook Cloud

�Create your branding website

�Upload and store your files to cloud

�Centralize all your brand content

�Publish and Share content

�Invite people to use your brands

�Protect your content

Quick creating

No coding

Flexible layout

Change everything

Themes presets

Easy share

Sharing control

Share the way you need it

Downloand and upload

Select your way

Smart control

Password protection

Downloads history

User managment

Monitor activity

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