For Brands

If you are developing your brand name, then you most likely have brand materials which you send out to your designers and suppliers.

Perhaps more time was needed for your designer to share the new concepts with you. In worse case scenarios concepts and materials may have needed to be entirely redesigned, which may have been poorly reflected on your production deadlines and budget limitations.

BrandBookCloud offers you a new and convenient solution to storing and sharing your brand concepts and propositions. This website ultimately eliminates the impractical and time consuming complications of for instance, receiving logotypes from your designers and distributing them to you contractor for new production.

Next time your designer decides to share new graphical layouts or blueprints with you, all they have to do is upload them to your directory on BrandBookCloud. The designer is also able to apply this layout to the appropriate section of your directory/site. You can easily view the contents of the received files instead of tediously searching for an appropriate program to view a file saved in an unknown to you format.

BrandBookCloud provides a secure storage space which you can access anywhere, anytime, using any device with internet access. Equally, if you need to share a file with a contractor, all you need to do is send a link to the file.

With the help of BrandBookCloud you will be in control of everything that happens with your company materials. You will be able to provide access to a whole file or a single page to one person or a whole group of users, and then track their feedback to your concepts.

In BrandBookCloud you can sort your fiIt is important to manage your ideas in an ordered system, which allows you or anyone else to easily navigate through your ideas and thought process.les and materials by any given category, with convenient instruction tags on how to operate with your materials.