Create Brand Book it so easy as never before

Upload your content

Drag and drop all your files on page and they will be automatically uploaded and added to your brandbook. Automatical will generate preview for all images. You can use your brandbook cloud as usual cloud storage.

Create structure of brandbook

Create brandbook structure. Add new, remove, arrange pages and section. Change order of pages and visibility. We also prepared presets that help you quickly to start. You can creating your structure from scratch or use our structure preset

Responsive Design

Totally flexible theme designs. Brand book Cloud provides you easy ability to edit and fully customize every aspect of your online brandbook theme. You can design your theme with style of your brand. Our brand-new Theme Settings editor lets you preview your storefront as you're making changes to it.

Protect all your data

We prepare for you smart control for your data. Protect all your data with and sharing controls. You can setup a password protected secure access. Users management and download history give your total control over all you files and information. Your files are uploaded and downloaded via secure encrypted data protocol.

Publish and share

You can get your brandbook a dedicated domain name under existing domain or subdomain. Safely share files with others people. Send public links on files or pages.