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AirtaskerClone: Why Is This Handyman App Most Popular?

On-demand services become one’s necessity. From instant pizza ordering to sending parcels, and even booking a taxi ride, people want everything at their fingertips! How would you give them all these services instantly? Simple! By developing an on-demand handyman app.


That’s a question that a lot of people ask! On-demand apps have become like the oxygen that one needs to stay alive. These apps serve as an instant medium of getting the service of a handyman.

Need someone to fix the leaking pipe in the basement? Well, plumbers are just a click away with the Airtasker clone app. The user can select a professional they like the most and find them fit for the job, add the service address, and choose the payment method. That’s all the user needs to do.

The provider will then reach the location and start doing what you’ve hired them to do, say, fix the pipes!


Smartphone uses are scaling extremely high. This has made it clear that the app serves various advantages to the business if they develop and launch a flawless app. Well, here’s how the app will help your business to thrive.

1.  More flexibility

You’ll be making money even when you’re sleeping because it’s virtual. People can book services anytime they want. Even the available service providers will accept and complete the job. In short, you will be earning commission 24/7.

All you need to do is develop the most flawless, seamless, and high-quality mobile application.

2.  Save more with on-demand apps

When buildingAirtasker clone apps, the entrepreneurs will be saving much more than what they’d have spent on building the app from scratch. This factor alone helps the business to effortlessly make the most perfect app, upgrade it, add new features, and finally cater to the needs of the customers.

3.  Greater outreach

With on-demand apps, entrepreneurs can reach a wider audience without having to put much effort into it. These services are highly secured which means that the service providers and even the customers won’t hesitate to use the app.


There are hundreds of different characteristics of the app which makes it the most attractive wonder amongst the audience. Well, here’s a handful of them:

1.  Real-time GPS tracking

People like to know where the service provider has reached, how much time it will take them to reach the location, and so on. That’s why the Airtasker clone app includes this amazing feature!

2.  Push notifications

Push notifications that are graphically represented are one of the most important characteristics of this app. It comes to great use when the user wants to know the current status of their order or service. The graphical notifications with icons not only make them appealing but also adds the convenience of knowing the status and remaining updated.

3.  Multiple online payment options

People are into making online payments only, especially after the pandemic came crashing through the world. Also, with online payment, the customers have various preferences. Thus, with multiple online payment options, the customers can use the method that they are most comfortable with and secure.


To sum up, customers are most attracted to the option they find is more convenient. Also, the flexibility and ease of using the app make the on-demand handyman appa popular choice.

Get the on-demand app from which your customers can book handyman services developed by the globally reputed white-labeling firm right now!

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