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How of becoming an authorized apple dealer

Apple is one of the wealthiest companies on the face of the earth. Actually not one of the wealthiest, in fact THE WEALTHIEST. With a market capitalization of over $2 trillion, Apple is in a league of its own. In the coming years, it might face some competition from Amazon for its numero Uno position but for now, Apple is head and shoulders above any other company, including the likes of Saudi Aramco. 

Apple has made it to the top by offering great products that have captured the imagination of the masses right from iPod, to iPad, to iPhone to the Macbook, so on and so forth. Since the turn of the millennium, Apple has made obscene amounts of money for itself and for its suppliers and other authorized dealers. It is actually very lucrative to become an authorized apple dealer in today’s day and age. 

Why does it make sense to become an authorized apple dealer?

Becoming an authorized apple dealer means that you will be able to buy Apple OEM parts wholesale from the company itself which means that you will have much better demand for your products. You will also be able to source the parts at very good prices because you will be sourcing directly from the main company without any middle-men in the middle who might eat away at your margins. 

It makes sense to become an authorized apple dealer because it is expected that the apple parts will be in demand for a very long time in the future. Apple has a very good history of changing with the times and coming out on tops. They are on top of every single trend and use it in their products to ensure that their customers get the best possible experience by purchasing their products. 

Steps towards becoming an authorized apple dealer

Becoming an authorized apple dealer is very lucrative and surprisingly it is really not as difficult as people make it out to be. Most people who don’t become authorized dealers either don’t know about the process and neither have put in any efforts to make themselves familiar of the process.

Some people think they won’t meet the eligibility criteria and this means that they never even apply. Things of course couldn’t further be from the truth. While it is true that Apple surely has some eligibility criteria in place it doesn’t mean that it is impossible for small and medium-scale businessmen to become authorized apple dealers. It is actually very simple and we will tell you now. Just read on to know more…

  • Learn more about Apple :- One of the first things that you need to do to become an authorized apple dealer would be to visit their site and read their APPLE AUTHORIZED SERVICE PROVIDER PROGRAM in detail. Once you do so, you will get to know about all the different steps that are involved in becoming an authorized apple dealer. Remember the company will only allow eligible people to become its dealers so you need to ensure that your house is in order before you even consider applying.
  • Open an Apple Account :- In order to become an authorized dealer you must already have an existing account with an authorized distributor in good standing. This is very important for people aspiring to become authorized dealers. You must all make other relations because you might need two of your clients to vouch for you and those clients must be either vendors or connections that are related to the Apple industry.
  • Stock Up on Inventory :- Next up you will need to stock up on inventory and this means committing to a pretty significant purchase amount each year. What this means is that you will need to buy at least $100,000 of certified apple OEM parts wholesale from your distributor, each year. You can choose to sell these parts from any location that you like. It can either be a retail location or it can be solely through your online store. 
  • Get certified by Apple:- In order to become an authorized dealer, you need to prove to the executives and representatives of the company that you can promote their parts successfully without the slightest bit of issues by following all the standards that have been set out by the company. You must adhere to all terms and conditions as well as other policies as having been laid out by Apple. Further, you must always be ready to provide proofs of the different Apple certifications that might have currently.
  • Follow the checklist provided by Apple :- There will be a checklist on Apple’s site which will provide you with decent support to ensure that you have everything you need before applying. At the least, you will need to provide proof of your relationship with Apple distributors and you will also need recommendation letters from two of your clients. If you don’t have letters from your clients then even letters from authorized apple dealers will have the desired effect. Further you will need your tax ID, business license and proof of insurance.

Submit your application!

The application process will entail. Once you are done with it, then you will have to be pretty patient because Apple is known to take as long as 6 months to decide if they will make you an authorized dealer or not. If their decision is yes, then you will get an email from them congratulating you on your approval. After this, you must accept the Authorized Apple Dealer agreement.

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