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Best Brand Name Ideas for Digital Dating Business

If you’ve ever considered the prospect of setting up an online dating business, you’ll already be heading down a well-worn path. Many entrepreneurs have come to realize the dating industry is massive – worth upwards of $3 billion per annum and counting – representing a fantastic opportunity for anyone with imagination, creativity, and a modicum of IT awareness. The good news is that web design is no longer the sole preserve of people with unique coding skills.

Easily customizable templates can be downloaded from a variety of outlets, allowing basic sites to be set up with comparative ease. Once you know the niche you’re going to cater to, you can focus on putting together eye-catching content and monetizing your site. Often the biggest headache is thinking of one of the most important details of all – the brand name for your enterprise. So, here are some suggestions for getting around this.

Literal or quirky

There are two ways of deciding on the name that’s going to be ideal for your business. Do you go down the route of being explicit, or do you think of something a little more ‘outside the box’? Say you’re hoping to specialize in dating sites for bisexual females. The LGBT community is twice as likely to be going online to search for romance, so this could be a lucrative genre for you. You’ll need to decide whether you want to introduce a title that ‘describes what’s in the tin,’ such as ‘lesbie mates,’ or ‘gayhookupguide,’ or do you want to pluck something out of thin air. Use your imagination. Peaches! Butterfly!

Take random words, then customize these to use as a building block for the dating content you’re going to promote. So, the former could become the peachy peach matching outlet! If the brand name of a certain type of fruit (apple) can be utilized by one of the world’s largest tech companies, why not choose another tasty item for your brand? Nothing about quirky names is set in stone – what matters is how you would then go on to incorporate this into your brand. Think of easily identifiable objects, that have unique colour schemes, and could be turned into simplistic but eye-catching memes (and logos, obviously!)

Digital decisions

Above all else, your brand name must be consistent with operating in the digital environment. People will be searching for any number of dating services via their web browsers, so the name you choose must be concise. There’s no point having something with too many syllables, as this will only irritate. At the same time, you need a name that will be recognisable, and which users can then bookmark. Your brand name will be repeated throughout your web platform, on pages, within your site map, and mentioned within keywords when it comes to search engine optimization. All these elements will combine to ensure your dating business is noticed by potential customers.

Color scheme

Brand names are certainly all about the words you choose, but there are other aspects of getting out there. When you think of Coca-Cola, you automatically picture red labels on bottles. Orange, the mobile phone network, makes full use of that palette in its branding. The color of your brand name might become intrinsic. Going back to that illustrative example of peachypeach. This would lend itself to warm pinks and oranges, just like the fruit. (Perhaps this is something worth copywriting!) Seriously, when you then rolled this brand name out to attract customers, getting them familiar with the color of your branding would be almost as important as the name itself.

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