12 Best Gametag Names For Horse Racing Fans

When it comes to games where you create your own character and customize it to your preference, we can all agree that the process of thinking of a game tag name takes more time than the actual story of the game.

Once you see the “Type Your Name” option, gamers who pay attention to detail require countless of tries for them to find a unique name that sounds good and also represents their passion in life.

Sometimes the naming process of your in-game character takes even more time than you’ll spend playing the game.

With that said, in order to save you some time, we’ve selected a couple of game tag names for horse racing fans.

Here are some examples.

Best In-Game Character Names for Horse Racing Enthusiasts


Pay homage to one of the greatest racehorses of all time, Secretariat. This gamertag captures the awe-inspiring speed and dominance of the legendary champion, reflecting your own prowess in the gaming world.Click here to learn how to create horse racing betting strategies for other legendary equines like Secretariat.

“American Pharoah”

Draw inspiration from the Triple Crown winner, American Pharaoh, and showcase your gaming prowess with this gamertag. It symbolizes your ability to conquer virtual challenges and emerge as a gaming champion.


Emulate the success of Citation, the first horse to win over $1 million in races, with this gamertag. It symbolizes your determination to reach the top of the gaming leaderboard and become a true champion.


Demonstrate your prowess in conquering gaming challenges while drawing inspiration from the thrilling sport of horse racing. This gamertag exudes confidence and skill in navigating virtual landscapes.


Embrace the role of a masterful gamer who possesses the skills and finesse of a seasoned jockey. This gamertag name signifies your expertise in both gaming and the art of horse riding.


Unleash the spirit of a powerful stallion as you dominate the gaming arena. This gamertag name represents your strength, resilience, and unyielding passion for both gaming and horse racing.


Inspired by Affirmed, the last horse to win the Triple Crown before American Pharaoh, this gamertag reflects your unwavering determination to succeed in gaming. It signifies your ability to achieve greatness and conquer virtual worlds.


Pay tribute to the legendary underdog, Seabiscuit, and highlight your resilience and ability to overcome challenges in the gaming world. This gamertag signifies your relentless pursuit of victory and your passion for horse racing history.


Channel the spirit of Ruffian, the exceptional filly known for her speed and strength, with this gamertag. It signifies your tenacity and fearlessness as a gamer, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.


Inspired by Zenyatta, the iconic mare known for her grace and remarkable wins, this gamertag represents your calm and focused approach to gaming. It signifies your ability to excel under pressure and deliver extraordinary performances.


Celebrate the legacy of Seattle Slew, the 1977 Triple Crown winner, with this gamertag. It reflects your mastery of the gaming world, just as Seattle Slew conquered the racetrack during his historic career.


Channel the spirit of the iconic racehorse Man o’ War with this gamertag. It signifies your determination, power, and unbeatable skills in the gaming realm, just like the mighty stallion himself.

Final Words

Choosing the perfect Gamertag is a thrilling endeavor for horse racing fans who are also avid gamers. These carefully curated gamertag names not only capture the essence of the exhilarating sport of horse racing but also incorporate names of popular horses that made racing history.

Whether you opt for witty wordplay, clever references, or include the names of legendary racehorses, your Gamertag will become your virtual persona, representing your unique personality and passions.

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