KYC Authentication

KYC Authentication in Customer Due Diligence

At this moment, starting up a new business or expanding to other consumer markets sounds riskier and more complex than ever before when some major businesses, banks, and online platforms are seen being pointed out for lack of proper (Know Your Customer) KYC authentication. Under such circumstances, one cannot establish an organization or get new customers on board unless it is completely verified that the person is no harm to the enterprise and his history is genuine.

In the customer due diligence process, a bank or an organization conducts KYC authentication in which multiple areas of information about the individual is validated such as his residential address, age, the KYC services also include facial recognition to ensure that the concerned bank or enterprise is not entertaining with a person that is under any inquiry or has a criminal record.

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Document Confirmation in KYC Authentication

National identity documents are needed for facilitation in literally every business, an organization cannot be less careful due to substantial cases of false ID submission, money laundering, and insurance frauds. The process in KYC authentication is completely automated and reliable. The solution performs ID checks in just a few steps, taking seconds.

  1. The future client has to present images of the required national document proving his/her identity. The solution performs the process with multiple archives, can be CPR smart, driving permit, articulation of bank, and so on
  1. The KYC authentication consists of an OCR engine, where the optical scan on the document selects the information and is searched automatically in relevant global information warehouses. The continuously updated database confirms the ID document in seconds. The geographic address, age, and facial data is validated in a go
  1. The conclusion of KYC authentication is presented to the verifying bank or corporation with genuine evidence

Age Verification

The protection of underage children from globally spread rated content and online delivery of products like alcohol, cigarettes, controlled drugs is the main objective of the legislation and relevant manufacturing and distributing companies. The KYC authentication conducts digital age checks on every prospect to make sure that the restricted products or material is safely provided to eligible people.

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Address Verification

There are a few factors in a profile of a prospect that are not universally considered as a risk element but can act as one, residential location or country is one of them. People from countries that are not facilitated by a specific platform, to avail their services or for committing data breach, or financial fraud, create or buy an engineered false ID card or any other document from the dark web, for bypassing KYC authentication. Fraudsters with incorrect address information are easily identified via the AI-powered verification solution.

Facial Verification

KYC authentication in banks and other businesses provides a high level of security by biometric recognition of prospects. In e-commerce websites, insurance companies, crypto exchanges, and almost everywhere, facial KYC verification is performed prior to client onboarding. In KYC authentication, spoofing and prosthetic mask attacks are failed as the recognition technology can conveniently differentiate between a genuine and engineered false picture.

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Why is Automated KYC Authentication Globally Trusted?

Just like with humans, a group of individuals working on a specific project or problem generates far more efficient results than mere one soul, similarly, the digital KYC solutions consist of a group of thousands of AI modules other than just one for systematic validation.

The group of intelligence models integrated with each other produces 100% precise output because each one of them is installed after thorough configuration. The KYC authentication solutions detect false documents and records because they are initially trained with facial masks, deepfake, and artificial documents so they can filter out them in screening, and just like a human evolves and learns with time, the same goes with AI of KYC authentication solutions but with the speed of light.

Video-Based Verification

After the facial confirmation of the selfie provided and documents validation, the verifying companies arrange a final video call for a live encounter with prospects where the KYC authentication expert examines the individual. This is the most crucial phase of customer verification, the digital validation solution scans the ID once more and the agent asks a couple of questions, assessing his confidence and authenticity of the video call to streamline the onboarding.

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AML Verification

In initial KYC authentication, a financial institute or firm conducts an AML (Anti Money Laundering) screening to get the AML status of the person, which clarifies whether the prospect has been guilty or accused of money laundering or not. On the basis of the screening, the KYC authentication solution distributes risk ratings to every scanned profile that prioritizes the surveillance of the transactional activities of clients.


The KYC authentication solution coupled with a large network of AI models verifies personal details, records, and AML statuses of individuals for making the expansion of a concerned bank or company secure and faster. The digital system performs every verification check with standard speed and precision so the relevant company can entertain their customers and provide them with a remarkable user experience.

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