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999+ Best Mage Names: Fantasy Mage Character Names

A person who creates things via magic is known as a mage names. Magi used their magical skills by concocting a wide variety of goods, including potions, weapons, armour, and tools. Since the beginning of time, some have called themselves mages.

During that period, there were certain individuals known as wizards. They would cast spells to assist them in doing a variety of tasks. Mages do not enjoy the same level of popularity as they formerly did in today’s world. Despite this, they are still around today.

It is possible to refer to a wizard as a mage and a mage as a wizard due to the close relationship between the two professions. We offer a large assortment of interesting, catchy, clever, excellent, and great mage names for you to choose from.

Female Mage Names

A witch is a common name for a female wizard. They are recognized for playing various roles, and it is not simple to determine where they came from.

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Some of the terms of the Mages are derived from elements of nature, while others are derived from the actions of the Mages or their contributions to the character. Below is a list that includes some of the most powerful names for female mages.

Female Mage Names
Female Mage Names
  • Agnes is a genuine Greek Mage name.
  • One of the titles given to female wizards, Agate, might be interpreted as “a nice lady.”
  • A further example of a female fantasy name, Alice, is a name with the meaning “noble.”
  • One of the most common names given to wizards, Allegra comes from Latin and means “glad or cheery.”
  • One of the funny wizard names, Alison, may be interpreted as either “daughter” or “granddaughter of Alice.”
  • Andromeda is widely considered to be one of the most powerful Mages. Her name comes from the constellation Cassiopeia, which Zeus transformed into a woman. Her name means “daughter of Cassiopeia.”
  • One of the great wizards’ names, Angela, signifies “the messenger of God.” Angela is a popular choice.
  • One of the titles given to mages, Ariadne, might be interpreted as “someone who is the holiest or most pure.”

Cool Names For Mages

  • A powerful Tauren wizard with a reputation for shouting a lot goes by the awesome moniker Neil Grimbreath.
  • A man named Norman Birdwand is a human wizard known for having a wand capable of great power.
  • The name of a powerful gnome mage capable of casting powerful Ice Blast spells is Norman Flatbutt. A wickedly unique moniker for an ice magician.
  • A powerful human male magician with the ability to perform polymorph spells goes by the moniker of Percy Baldfolk.
  • A masculine human mage with the ability to perform a powerful Frost Nova spell is referred to by his cool and unique moniker, Prezin Toughbook.
  • This human mage’s name comes from his power to exert control over the wind, and he can bring about precipitation in a single second. Shazam Aircakes.
  • Shay Lily dress is a male human magician that can perform powerful spells. He got his name from the colourful robes he wore.

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Girl Mage Names

You need to give your female wizard characters enchanting and compelling names if you want people to love playing them. If you are at a loss where to begin, consider using any of the terms listed below in your fictional work.

Girl Mage Names
Mage Names
  • Belinda means lovely snake.
  • Heavenly is what the Latin word “celeste” means.
  • Cerys, which translates to “love” in Welsh, is a name of Welsh ancestry.
  • The name Charlotte is a feminine form of the masculine given name Charles.
  • The French and Latin word clementine means being kind and compassionate.
  • The term “dahlia” refers to Dahl’s flower.
  • Edith: It means to be successful while at war.
  • The name Elizabeth comes from Hebrew, meaning “pledged to God.”
  • The term Elsie originates from Scotland and means “pleaded to God.”
  • The word Ginevra may also be translated as “white wave.”
  • The ring in white represents Gwendolyn.

Best Names For Mages

An existing magical figure may serve as inspiration for your novel. We all have fictional characters we care greatly about; who better inspire your world? Some of the most popular mage names inspired by mythical figures are listed here.

  • Anakin means “unknown” in Greek. This is the character’s name in Star Wars.
  • Bran is the most popular character in Game of Thrones, and his name means “raven,” which was thought to be a terrible omen.
  • Elanor means “Star Sun” in Gaelic. This name appeared in the film The Lord of the Rings.
  • Fleur means “flower” in French. The Forsyte Saga introduced it. This is one of the most amusing mage names.

Funny Mage Names

  • Bennet Busyweather is the funny moniker of a masculine human magician who can influence the weather.
  • Bennet Icygills is a great name for a human male wizard who specializes in frost spells.
  • Bink Birdstock is the name of a high-elf wizard that can speak with various winged creatures.
  • Faunus Limpfly is a great name for a blood elf mage skilled in casting spells that control large groups of people.
  • Fred Merryfly is the name of a male human wizard specializing in fire and frost spells and has a lot of experience in both areas.
  • Giles Sicktooth is the name of a troll wizard who fought a fight in which he lost around half of his teeth.
  • Grok Beefcakes is the name of an orc magician who is large and green in appearance and has considerable physical strength.
  • Horace Fullbeard is the funny name of a human male magician who is described as having a lengthy purple beard.
  • Ingus Lasdater is an amazing picture of a male human wizard who can perform spells that blast fire.
  • Horace Woolcheeks is the name of a dwarf magician with cheeks much larger than the rest of his face.
  • Hugh Mantail is the cool name of a troll wizard that never strays from the company of his human companion and fellow magician, Horace.
  • Lawrence Beefbuck is the name of a male human wizard almost the size of a troll. He has a reputation for being very powerful.
  • London Bigmelon is the funny name of a human male magician who can consume a large quantity of food all at once.
  • Lucius Birdbuck is a great name for a male human wizard who can cast spells controlling crowds.
  • Merlin Eaglesuckle is the funny name of a masculine human wizard who can manipulate the wind.

Mage Character Names

Using their power, a mage can concoct various potions. The ingredients for these potions may be derived from any source imaginable. Making potions requires the use of a wide variety of several types of components. Simply because of this, they are easy to remember! A list of memorable mage names may be found farther down the page.

Mage Character Names
Mage Character Names
  • Elodius
  • Orimazz
  • LeStrange
  • Mirri Maz Duur
  • Edus
  • Ioelena Presroris
  • Erhan
  • Sezin
  • The Vision Gaming Center
  • Lucius Malfoy
  • Ubarin

Dark Mage Names

A Dark Wizard or Witch is any practitioner of magic who focuses primarily on the study and performance of the Mystic Arts, which is more often referred to as Mystic Magic. In addition, they participate in the illegal breeding of dark creatures, make use of or manufacture dark things, or inflict harm or death via lethal curses and other forms of evil magic.

  • Dobeus
  • Qririus
  • Ogosorin
  • Axon
  • Indarhan
  • Aras
  • Stunior
  • Zukore
  • Unorim
  • Shikius
  • Otaz

 Mage Names For Boys

In the realm of wizards and witches, there is also a sizable population of young men. Mages and wizards, especially those of the male gender, are among the most recognizable and popular fantasy characters. Let’s look at many of the most common names given to male mages, shall we?

  • Abraham is the name that means “father of many.”
  • The given name Alatar is of the male gender, meaning “aftercomer.” This is one of the most common names given to male wizards in Lord of the Rings and belongs to a sorcerer.
  • “white or dazzling” means the great wizarding name Albus, also one of the great wizarding names.
  • Ambrose comes from Greek and means “someone who cannot die or someone immortal.”
  • Barron is a masculine name, and the meaning of the name Barron is “a valiant and youthful warrior.”
  • The meaning of the name Bertram is “a brilliant or renowned raven.”
  • Draco, which is a sorcerer’s name and means “dragon.”
  • In Old English, the name Elvin meant “an heavenly buddy.”
  • Gwydion means “God of wizardry”.
  • The name Harry, given to a character, signifies “home-ruler.”

Gender Neutral Mage Names

In the realm of fantasy, there are a lot of characters that don’t identify with either gender. They have amassed a huge following over time. You are free to use these names with people of any gender. Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known names that aren’t specifically associated with either gender:

  • One of the most common names given to people of both sexes, Ashton, means “an ash tree.”
  • The name Angel, which may be given to a male or a female child and signifies “a messenger of God,” is quite popular.
  • Alex is a gender-neutral Greek name that means “the defender of mankind.” In Greek, the name Alex is derived.
  • The name Arrow, which may be given to either a boy or a girl, is highly uplifting and means “striking the target.”
  • Billie is a sweet name that may be used by either a boy or a girl, and it signifies “a determined guardian.”
  • Brooke is a name that is not often used but is of high quality and is gender-neutral. Its meaning is “a tiny stream.”
  • The surname Cameron originates in Scotland and refers to “someone with a damaged or crooked nose.”
  • Denver means “a valley”.
  • Evan, which means “God is gracious or young,” is one of the most common names given to people of any gender.


A person who employs or performs magic drawn from supernatural, occult or esoteric sources is known as a magician. Other names for a magician include an enchanter or enchantress, mage, magic-user, archmage, sorcerer or sorceress, spell-caster, warlock, witch, or wizard. We hope that this post might be of some use to you.

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