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999+ Powerful Necromancer Names 2024

What is the meaning of Necromancer Names? Did you think about them I know when you will have been reading this post definitely will ask this question yourself what are necromancer names in mythology?

Before going forwards let’s understand who is Necromancer.

A necromancer is a person who is using witchcraft or sorcery especially to reanimate dead people or to foretell the future by communicating with them. apart from necromancy is the practice of magic or black magic involving communicating with a dead person and understanding what the problem has, so they trouble their family.

Necromancer, as usual, you can see everywhere but they mostly have in a few specific countries so now let’s talk about their name.

Badass Necromancer Names

Badass means is the toughest and hard person who always dare to communicate with bad soul and dead persons without being scared of deadly activity.

So here are the names of Badass Necromancer that was more powerful

Wrivok The RottingCrikras CalamityZaezhul The Eternal
Marcel The DoctorKradum DictionChrelekai The De-Composer
Chroubrum DictionBroumien The LivingYiodhur Deathhand
Virgil KaneShemon The Experi-MentorTaghor The Demise
Beilos The VivisectorDodulus The DecomposerLiovok Sanguis
Yozis The ReviverVrezar VoidGreikras The Mute
Would The FeebleLucius The ParanoidOyipent Deville
Kaulekai The HaggardZorius The DecomposerCheidan Bane
Sokai The SerpentPozad DoomwhisperUsizhul The Corruptor
Strictly The MadMaximus The ParanoidDrodhur The Dissector

Female Necromancer Names

As we know males and females of us are equal so here is the same too as men do that deadly activity with dead person female do the same thing too and do great work if you are keen to know about female necromancers name them to find this helpful.

 Necromancer game horror
Necromancer Names
Stulian SolaceIwrelen The DefilerKroverra Umbra
Xodita The AbominationBaselm The ConstructorYilen Alure
Egavris The SoulkeeperWreicilia NyteOfagrid Doomweaver
Graelen GravemoreGreress SanguisKriomira The Immortal
Ewreiroti ShadowendUcriomura The ResurrectorLadira The Risen
Dobrix SanguineTeren MildewIciomura The Animated
Chrelya The ReaperAkraris The CorruptedMiosin The Necromancer
Edramona The CrippledOkreghana The MadAkrauvana Metus
Warina MorteOcheness DeathhandCirina The De-Composer
Touselm VoidEliocia The DesecratorIpopeste Molder

Famous Necromancer Names

if you are doing valuable and good work then you going to be successful in your profession this name would be helpful to the famous Necromancer.

Vriovok The CorpsemakerSagrim AshesDrakhar Nightshade
Ovriolak PlasmaDeixir DevilleLaxor Deathwhisper
Isemon MorticeUyazis The EternalEwocular Shadowend
Struthik DreadmoreGrarius The HollowYioxir Blight
Pelos BlackhandChrekar The AbominationEreimien The Demon
Saethik The VivisectorPiodulus The BeastZricular Nightshade
Istrelos The AnalyzerStaulekai The ExaminerChourow The Haggard
Yokai The CorruptedHimon The UndeadWibrum Mildew
Grazar ShadeWimon The ExaminerStruzad The Decayer
Chalos PlasmaCiomon The DemiseMuxir Shade

Great Necromancer Names

badassNecromancer with hand of pase
badassNecromancer names
Fucular The NecromancerYoroti BaneStravris The Reanimator
Caudulus The BlightFaereas WhisperOfareda Graeme
Sulos SolaceHoreda The DecrepitOzobrix The Mute
Grighor The PlaguebringerBrioress The BeastGrapris Graeme
Mioghor The RottingStrevash The AdeptUyemona The Constructed
Prighor The InquisitorGrioghana The CorpsemakerHereas The Plaguemaster
Zrizhul The DissectorUkrioren The TyrantPeiress The Mad
Vralazar PlasmaKripris The CrippledAkreress The Reanimator
Brakhar The ReviverVoris The SerpentLaeviah The Mute
Ovouthum AshesYabetha The PlaguebringerMeven Grimm

Best Necromancer Names

Komen GravesUchezius The CorpseTaveras Sanguis
Azhar DeathbloomZoukai The VivisectorEpoxies The Couldronmaster
Wriokai MildewBrio Brumm CrowUdalos Deathbloom
Cerebrum DoomwhisperLasik The BlightCaedan Void
Valak The AnalyzerStrymon PutrescenceCorvus Onyx
Krikai The De-ComposerProuxor The UndeadSizes The Girish
Aselos The CorpseOgomon The HollowUbaedum The Couldronmaster
Prikhar AshesYiothik The AnalyzerEyaeqir The Maggot
Brizor BaneWilekai The DoctorIbecular The Experi-Mentor
Vrezius MaleficumDretic GloomZrodan The Raised

Good Names For a Necromancer

Mazius DoomweaverEraughor BonecallWroulak Livid
Crepent The NecromancerPaelazar OnyxBavok The Reanimator
Uchoghor The ReanimatorAwrauzis GraemeGrukai The Darkmaster
Streigan The SoulkeeperShaghor HexCraelos The De-Composer
Chexius The UnlivingBrothik The CrippledOhaemon Deville
Veidulus BaneChradulus The GorishLekar The Fleshrender
Brirow The WraithGaqur The AnimatorFulazar The Rotting
Shovok The CurroptedZagan GloomBautic The Demon
Baurael The ConstructorOcaxius CalamityIkriorius The Beast
Forius The HollowKreizar The DoctorAdegrim Morbide

Necromancer Girl Names

Necromancer Girl Names
Necromancer Girl Names
Vribetha CraftStighana The HarvesterOpraselm Crane
Numura The TyrantProtulah The MuteWuven The Harvester
Weivana The ExaminerDauress MaleficumVraegami Blight
Iwareas GravesWucilia The BeastZoris Carnage
Shuven The EternalCrivash The CorpsemakerKoubrix Doomweaver
Founess The Experi-MentorLodira BlackhandCrouris The Eradicator
Kromish NyteXireda The HaggardUstabea Putrescence
Niogrid DaemonneShiobea The ReanimatorVetulah Alure
Elavana The CurroptedBabrix AnatomyStaemura Rane
Licilia BaneWaeren The ExtinguisherEnioness Bane

Dark elf Necromancer Names

Useivras DreadmoreHeness ShadeDrioreas The Nightmare
Teitic MetusZaroti BaneCidita Crane
Tazhar The NecromancerLexaura ShadowendBoxaura The Soulkeeper
Bexir AnatomyNereas The DecrepitChamish Dreadmore
Ecrazar The RottingWauxaura The CouldronmasterCramona Molder
Stazius DevilleHuris The ConstructedHeness Fester
Vreirow The AnalyzerVaris ShadowendHaevana Bane
Ocralekai GravemoreRimish PayneDrosin The Putrid
Grelazar The ParanoidCrevris The WraithOhoulya The Vivisector
Udezad MorteWraexaura GloomKiosin The Fleshrender

Necromancer Names in Mythology

Gikras The BlackPrebrum The InsaneKaudhur Deathbloom
Kekhar The CorpseUdakai MildewReikras Doomweaver
Xoutic The AdeptYeizor The ExtinguisherEgiopent Malefic
Yiqur CruorRelazar The CorpsemakerGemon Blackhand
Zeithik WhisperKrelazar The HaggardChitic The Surgeon
Bromon ShadeSheikras WhisperSaevok The Living
Yaqur The RaisedDiozad The PlaguebringerWridhur The Reaper
Pumon SolaceLazhar The ParanoidStrizhul The Risen
Vriocular DevillePiodulus The HarvesterDraethik The Reaper
Baecular VacuityIzrouzad The MuteRiolekai Rotheart

Male Necromancer Names

Niopent CraftIvikar The ExperimentBurius The Darkmaster
Pevok HaggardLeighor SanguisUrilak The Darkmaster
Kroukai The AnalyzerEkrupent The DoctorYeidan The Corpsemaker
Ereqir DoomwhisperHodan The RenovatorZrokar Blackhand
Chromon The DemiseSadulus OnyxStrauvok The Tyrant
Wemon The PlaguebringerBrauvras The ExaminerDredulus Naxxremis
Geizhar MallusUhemien MorbideChiolak The Hollow
Krouzius The CouldronmasterDrouvras BlackhandAprokras Deville
Esauvras PayneIlaerow The DissectorHizar Graeme
Wazor The MuteRurael The DecomposerYozhar Alure

Funny Necromancer Names

  • Tilekai The Darkheart
  • Badulus The Plaguemaster
  • Zradum Anatomy
  • Sadum Sanguis
  • Vraqir Payne
  • Stragan The Feeble
  • Ochrakar The Unliving
  • Kauvok Crow
  • Chrauxor Putrescence
  • Gezad The Wraith
  • Strelazar Putrescence
  • Stroukai The Feeble
  • Mugrim Anatomy
  • Zolekai The Demon
  • Strathik Bloodworth
  • Ushudum Necrosyse
  • Figrim The Abomination
  • Narius The Reviver
  • Tolekai Morte
  • Uvreirius The Doctor

Human Necromancer Names

Choudan The EradicatorProdulus NecrosyseZorael The Soulreaper
Wrokar The DoctorKraurael The Experi-MentorStizor Doomwhisper
Exivras CarnageMaekai The DemiseIbobrum The Doctor
Delazar The ManifestedHexor UmbraWrevras Payne
Pralak The DemiseHiodulus The LivingBigan The Blight
Chrighor DeathhandNilekai The RenovatorCheiqur The Animator
Chricular The AnimatorChriozar The ReviverShaghor The Corrupted
Korius The AdeptSezius BlackOwroxius Maleficum
Dilazar The RaisedZeqir FesterDralekai The Eradicator
Krelekai The CorruptedBraugan CruorVroxius The Putrid

Necromancer Names in Literature

  • Crouxir The Curropted
  • Lapent The Analyzer
  • Brethik The Risen
  • Cothum Gloom
  • Straelekai Shade
  • Oxidhur Shadowend
  • Raevok The Hollow
  • Volos Doomwhisper
  • Ikroutic Whisper
  • Prozis The Animated
  • Xecular The Blight
  • Hilak Necrosyse
  • Igauthum Carnage
  • Krolekai The Eternal
  • Weixor Graves
  • Hecular The Demon
  • Wrouqur Necrosyse
  • Yegan The De-Composer
  • Chrecular Mortice
  • Grikar The Tyrant

Necromancer Names Generator

There are plenty of names of necromancer you can easily find and choose if until now have a problem then here are a few good resources to find the name


Necromancer Names is a power of black magic that help ordinary people that was in trouble from the bad soul if you relate to this powerful necromancer then these name for you you can find above best necromancer names and good names from Necromancer if these name interesting and unique then share with your friends.

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