Strategies to Create Catchy Names

Strategies to Create Catchy Names for Your Startup Business

On average, around 77% of customers make purchasing decisions solely based on the name of a business. Selecting a business name isn’t as straightforward as choosing one you fancy. The name should adhere to state naming guidelines, connect with the brand’s target audience, and, most importantly, be accessible across various marketing channels. We have everything you need to name a business.

How do I come up with a catchy business name?

When it comes to generating creative business names, brainstorming is the initial step for any entrepreneur. It can be both exciting and challenging to find that one special name. With the right mindset and approach, entrepreneurs can compile a list of potential names that will contribute to the success of their businesses. How do you brainstorm a new business name? While you are thinking, we will offer our options for action that can help you.

#1 Focus on memorability and originality

Try to avoid names that are too consonant with an already well-known brand. Customers might perceive your business as lacking originality. You should not despair if you are not very good at creating a unique and memorable company name. You can employ the following creative strategies to craft a distinctive name for your LLC that really stands out.

How to create a business name:

  • Combine words. A simple yet effective strategy is to combine two words to create a business name. Microsoft, Instagram, DoorDash, and Upwork are examples of successful businesses that use this naming technique.
  • Here’s a quick approach: Write down all the words associated with your business within a given time frame (5-15 minutes). Then, experiment by combining those words to find a strong and relevant name.
  • Using clever wordplay, synonyms, or alliterations. Explore online resources like WordHippo and VisualThesaurus to find inspiration. Consider popular idioms, book, and movie titles, or famous quotes. Engaging in wordplay can create humor and leave a lasting impression. RhymeZone and Alliteration Finder are great tools for finding rhyming and alliterating words.
  • Try abbreviations. Names like KFC, BMW, and H&M are all familiar brands that use abbreviations. If you’re considering naming your fitness business “Julia Fitness Classes,” for instance, “JFC” could be a short and catchy alternative.

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#2 Summarize everything about your business

When naming your brand, it’s important to consider the products you offer, the overall purpose of your brand, and the qualities you want to convey, such as excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere (if you have physical stores).

Take Burrow for instance – it’s a furniture company that specializes in customizable modular sofas. The name itself has a clever double meaning: it suggests that their furniture is so comfortable, you’ll want to burrow into it, while also giving you the opportunity to create your own cozy burrow.

#3 Keep it simple to spell and pronounce

The most effective business names are the ones that are elegantly simple, just like Apple and Uber. They are easy to spell and pronounce. Even if your chosen name looks perfect on paper, it may not sound just right.

Experiment with different options in conversation, get feedback from friends, and keep refining until you discover a name that is effortless to spell and say out loud. Complicated names with unusual spellings and numbers (e.g., “4” instead of “for”) can have a negative impact, as they make it more difficult for customers to find your business.

#4 Consider business branding

Think not only about how the name of the business sounds but also how it looks. Your business will be perceived not only by name but also by logo. To ensure your chosen name works effectively, try testing it with a mock-up logo on various platforms like letterheads and business stationery.

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Choosing a business name is a significant responsibility as it sets the tone for how customers perceive your brand. To begin, it’s important to adopt a systematic approach by thoroughly researching the market and utilizing online name generators. These steps will help steer you in the right direction.

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