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Why is it Better to Hire Professional Cleaners for Upholstery Steam Cleaning?

If you have kids or you have a house where everyone comes to hang out, you may look around at your furniture and notice stains. They can be minor or hard to remove stains such as ketchup, grape juice, or red wine. You can hire someone to come over and clean your upholstery for you or you can purchase your own steamer

One line that stands out amongst consumers and ranks fairly well for upholstery steaming is the Jiffy brand of steamers. This manufacturer has been in the business of offering steamers for many years. In fact it is the oldest manufacturer of designing easy-to-use steaming units for home and business. While there are a variety of units to choose from, Jiffy promotes machines that are designed and made with quality material. What’s more, is that Jiffy models are affordable.

Steam Cleaning of Upholstery

Upholstery steam cleaning eradicates fleas, and bed bugs, and cleans spills, and bad pet odors on upholstery, draperies, bedding, and furniture. Less time-consuming and more efficient. It uses hot water under high pressure to eliminate dirt and a vacuum to dislodge the same. One such advancement in the industry has seen dirt and slime which, is not eliminated manually. Steam cleaning is a powerful cleaning alternative for upholstery without the use of chemicals which can cause allergies, especially in small children.

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Upholstery steam cleaners are much safer to use which use the most steaming technology to remove the stains. Not only cleaning but also disinfecting the upholstery at the same time using only non-toxic chemicals. Jetpack Pro is an ideal upholstery steam cleaner using either a steam vapor, vacuum, or detergent injection depending on the required application for a better cleaning result.

Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

A solution that one should consider is upholstery steam cleaning. Upholstery steam cleaning is simply using steam cleaners to eliminate dirt by blasting it off. It is an absolute must for cat and dog owners. Keeping upholstery clean from dirt and dander will also help to keep it odor free.

The frequency for steam cleaning upholstery depends on how often you need it generally once a year. But having young children and pets around the house, you will need to clean your furniture, bedding, and draperies more often than that. Food and ink stains, accidental spills, pet urine, odors, and stubborn dirt is just some of the problems not only at home but also in hotels or other hospitality establishments. These cannot be avoided but needs a thorough cleaning. Scrubbing it away takes up more time and effort. It may sometimes lead to ruining your upholstery, draperies, bedding, and furniture.

Therefore, using an upholstery steam cleaning is a brilliant idea because steam cleaners really work better than spending so much time manually cleaning your upholstery. Fast and effective that will surely make your upholstery new, fresh and clean again.

Using the Services of a Professional Steam Cleaning Company

For generations of homeowners, keeping furniture, carpets, and draperies clean has always been a problem, until upholstery steam cleaners came. Although, using professional cleaning services will mean paying a high fee. Hiring an upholstery steam cleaning crew to go to your house and perform the work of cleaning your carpet and furniture also has a lot of problems. Here is a story that has changed my approach to cleaning my carpet and draperies at home.

Growing up, I noticed that my mother was always trying her best just to remove stains, food, and other types of dirt from the draperies and carpets. Accumulated dust as time passes by would likewise make its way onto the curtains so there was always a great deal of housecleaning to do around the home. Mothers frequently used harsh chemicals by our current standards. Then she would have to use a lot of energy to scrub, clean, and rinse these mantles, rugs, coverings, and other items. It would take up an entire day practically to get everything cleaned. For this reason, every now and then she would hire an upholstery steam cleaning agency to do the furniture and carpets.

Professional Cleaning Services

When they came over to use their big, bulky upholstery steam cleaner machine it was really a pain as well. For one to two days, we weren’t able to use the rooms that were cleaned until the curtains and furniture becomes dry. Getting your feet, food, or other particles into the carpet might ruin the cleaning job. But at least the burden of cleaning the house ourselves has been removed.

Nowadays I find it really handy and useful that upholstery steam cleaner machines are smaller but powerful enough for the home user to have a good, deep cleaning into their furniture, carpeting, and mantles. If you are considering steam cleaning your furniture, 1st make sure that the material is safe to be steamed by looking at the safety instructions. Also, before you start out applying your machine on anything there are a couple of matters that you need to make sure you are mindful of.

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  1. Things You’ll Need During the Pre-Cleaning Process
  2. First, you need to use a pre-cleaning solution to prepare the upholstery cleaning


  • Now, these are not the old-fashioned, hard solvents like they used in the past, rather these are mild so bleaching does not occur nor does discoloration of the fabric.
  • However, it is always wise to test a small area of the furniture that is out of sight such as the rear to see if any discoloration does occur.
  • So that I know that I did not miss an area, as I begin cleaning, I would move the upholster steam cleaner from left to right, then from top to bottom in the same area.
  • Remember to always take off the covers of the pillows or cushions first before you start cleaning them.
  • Then, air them out so all the moisture has been aired and mold does not occur.
  • You are almost done, all that is left is to clean your upholstery steam cleaner. Make sure that any hair or dirt particles are cleaned from your scrub head and empty out all the dirty water in your reservoir.
  • Wipe it dry after you wash it out with clean water. If you want to make your upholstery steam cleaner to last for a long time, do not skip this step.

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