Which mission will define your brand

Which mission will define your brand?

If your business brand is to be accepted by the majority of customers today, as well as the customers of tomorrow, you are going to have to prove you are on an eco-friendly mission. It is not enough to put the words on your website; your business is going to have to be totally passionate about it on every level.

This is because your customer base will find out if your business is “faking it” and it may never recover from the consequences. When embracing the eco-friendly world, you are going to have to make sure that it is not only your products that stand up to scrutiny, but also all of your materials or ingredients, your suppliers, and all of the packaging involved.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a mission to define your brand.

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1. Sustainable produce

The idea of sustainable products and produce is that they can be obtained from an inexhaustible source or one that is regularly replenished. For instance, sustainable wood products will come from a woodland that is managed and replanted to keep water tables, wildlife, and landscapes protected.

Sourcing sustainable produce and products for your business brand is easy nowadays. Just entering whatever you require into the Google search bar will no doubt bring up a long list of suppliers that are willing to bend over backward to get your custom.

2. Recyclable packaging

It is important that all of your items are packaged in recyclable packaging that can also go on to be recycled. It is not just about this, however, as any products that your business brings in will also have to contain an element of recyclable packaging for you to say that your company’s focus is on protecting the environment.

Storing recyclable packaging takes up space, even when such items as cardboard boxes are broken down. However, there are ways in which you can compact it further so that when they are either waiting for collection or taken to be recycled, a larger amount can be moved. This is achieved by having on-site recycling balers at your business location.

Additional factors to take into account

There are, however, other considerations that you must take into account when sourcing your supplies. These are such important issues as:

These areas are of great interest to consumers. It is therefore vital that you ensure all of your ingredients, the components you use, and the packaging that you source all have a low carbon footprint before you add any to the product. It is also essential that all of your products support Fairtrade where applicable and are totally animal cruelty-free all the way down the line.

Final thoughts

It is highly likely that sourcing eco-friendly items will cost you more financially than purchasing those items that are less stringent. However, you will find that your clientele will be happy to pay a little extra for the care and attention that you have given. You may also see that your reputation exceeds your expectation due to being able to be accredited with the eco-friendly badge of approval.

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