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In May of 2021, the Bratz dolls celebrated their 20th anniversary. MGAE honored the occasion by re-releasing many of the Cool Bratz dolls names that were among the most popular among fans. The most recent iteration of the Bratz doll line comes in a limited-edition foil box complete with collectible holographic posters. Sasha, Yasmin, Jade, and Khloya are just a few of the dolls introduced to mark the company’s 20th anniversary.

How it All Started Bratz Dolls Names

In 2001, Carter Bryant, a former employee of Mattel who worked on the Barbie line as a fashion designer, came up with the concept for the Bratz line. He envisioned a trove of dolls dressed in the most recent and cutting-edge fashions. Their crisp appearance appealed to youngsters of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.

Bryant sold his concept to MGA Entertainment, leading to the company’s most successful toy manufacturing endeavor, Bratz dolls names. The Bratz dolls have garnered considerable criticism owing to their excessive makeup, the apparent attitude they exude, and the bare minimum of clothing they wear. Throughout the 2010s, the company had many production halts, restarts, and rebranding efforts.

  • Bareback Names
  • Fawn Bratz
  • Build Dolls
  • Bent Dolls
  • Groove Names
  • Array Bratz
  • Pepper Bratz
  • Ville Dolls
  • Mikado Dolls
  • Empress Bratz
  • Knick Bratz
  • Play Names
  • Burb Names
  • Vail Dolls
  • Deem Dolls
  • Ally Dolls
  • Style Dolls
  • Daisy Bratz
  • Slender Names
  • Creative Bratz
Bratz Dolls Names
Bratz Dolls Names

A substantial decrease in sales occurred in 2013 as a direct result of a shift in the aesthetic of dolls. In 2016, the line’s manufacture was terminated due to poor sales.

When makeup artists, cosmetologists, and many others started to reproduce the vivid eyeshadow and glossy lips of dolls on Instagram two years ago, Bratz received a second wave of popularity. Bratz was formed in 2001.

By 2020, the #BratzChallenge had moved on from the beauty category and was trending on TikTok, where it has received more than 161 million views. Today, fashion-forward admirers completely embrace this trend and reproduce the ensembles that their favorite doll wears to the musical theme of the brand’s soundtrack.

Original Bratz Dolls Names

Here are the names of the original Bratz dolls names hope you like them.

  • Nip Dolls
  • Clique Bratz
  • Dusk Names
  • Garment Dolls
  • Divine Names
  • Burb Bratz
  • Sombre Names
  • Bear Names
  • Joy Dolls
  • Clue Dolls
  • Rage Bratz
  • Caliber Bratz
  • Happy Dolls
  • Curvaceous Names
  • Conventional Names
  • Misfits Dolls
  • Mantle Dolls
  • Dapper Dolls
  • Ritzy Bratz
  • Enjoy Names

Names of the Different Bratz Dolls Names series

Due to the popularity of the first four Bratz dolls, four further dolls with a similar design were released between 2002 and 2003. There were also presentations of twins and twin sets. Separately from the themed setting, the dolls may be purchased on their own. In addition, play sets, furniture, and automobiles are all available as accessories to purchase.

Cool Bratz Dolls Names
Cool Bratz Dolls Names
  • Angora Names
  • Deem Names
  • Sourced Dolls
  • Swag Dolls
  • Idol Bratz
  • Pasha Names
  • Tots Names
  • Apparel Names
  • Boulevard Bratz
  • Smile Names
  • Sidekick Dolls
  • Chirp Bratz
  • Village Dolls
  • Fathom Dolls
  • Box Names
  • Favor Names
  • Vagabond Names
  • Class Bratz
  • Cubs Dolls
  • Deem Names

2001: The year when the Cool Bratz Dolls Names Characters Debuted

  • Khloya

“Hello! Hello, everyone! I’m Khloya, and I rock! Exotic animal designs and shimmery materials are my absolute favorite things to wear.

My friends nickname me Angel because they see what they see in me. Her mother’s name is Polina, and she has an elder sister named Sonya.

Her younger brothers and sisters are named Colin and Isa. Katie is the character’s mother’s name in the Bratz action movie. Cameron is the name of her lover.

She was one of the four initial Bratz characters shown to the public in 2001. May 23 is her birthday.

  • Jade

“Hey! Hi there! My name is Jade. My idea of a good time is to wear something out of the ordinary and colorful! Because I am such a huge cat lover, my friends have given me the nickname Kool Kat.

Because I’m such a great dude!!!” In 2001, she was one of the first four Bratz characters ever shown to the public. November 4 is her birthday.

  • Yasmin

“Hello! Hello there, my name is Yasmin! My go-to style in clothes is boho, emphasizing gorgeous fabrics and earthy tones. Because I am the boss, my close friends nickname me Pretty Princess.

In 2001, she was one of the first four Bratz characters ever shown to the public. July 24 is her birthday.

Cool Bratz Dolls Names
Bratz Dolls Names
  • Sasha

“Hello! Hello there, my name is Sasha! My favorite kind of clothing to wear is urban streetwear, which includes caps and denim skirts.

Because I am a hip-hop fan, my pals gave me the nickname Bunny Boo. She was one of the first four Bratz characters to be shown to the public in 2001. August 17 is her birthday.

The year 2002 Original Bratz Dolls Names

  • Pocket dolls named “Lil’ Bratz.” 

Miniaturized interpretations of the first five Bratz characters, Lil’ Bratz (2002) was followed by the introduction of Lil’ Boyz, modeled after the Bratz Boyz.

The apparel brand Lil’ Bratz Couture was first made available to consumers in 2007.

  • Bratz Boyz

Two Bratz, Boyz Cameron, and Dylan, were made available to the public in 2002, while the rest of the Boyz made their appearance in 2003, 2007, and 2008. Bratz also contains Bratz Boyz and Boyz Twinz.

The year 2004 Bratz Dolls Names

  • Bratz Babyz

The first Bratz Babyz products were released on August 22, 2004, and included baby bottles and blankets. Babyz versions of characters from the standard Bratz brand have been made available.

The newborn collector’s edition of Bratz Babyz was released in 2007 under Bratz Lil’ Angelz. They are less than half the size of typical Bratz Babyz, but each one comes with its infant pet.

Cool Bratz Dolls Names
Cute Girl with Bratz Dolls Names
  • Bratz Petz Catz

2004 saw the first year of release for the Bratz Pets line, which lasted until 2006. These stuffed animals were designed to look like foxes, cats, and dogs and came with their clothing, accessories, and luggage.

In Australia and the United Kingdom, the Bratz Petz line was reintroduced with swinging heads and new accessories.

  • Brigitte, Daphne, Angelina, and Kendall (1st Edition)
  • Brigitte, Daphne, Angelina, and Kendall are the cats in my purse.
  • Brigitte, Daphne, Angelina, and Kendall
  • Cho, Kyoko, Nami, and Yukiko are Tokyo Catz.
  • Bree, Chantel, Reily, Shayna, and Carly are the first edition Foxz.
  • Cinnabar, Tali, and Foxz Christmas

Years 2006, 2007 Bratz Dolls Names

  • Bratz Kidz

Bratz Kidz, the “baby” version of Bratz dolls for teens, debuted in 2006. The dolls were 6 inches (152.4 mm) tall, making them shorter than standard Bratz.

Bratz Boyz Kidz premiered in 2007, with four of them in leading roles. Boyz Bratz The outfits were changed from fabric to plastic clasps shortly after the debut of the Bratz Boyz Kidz.

Bratz Boyz Kids Boys Kids was released in 2007 and included four dolls. In 2007, the Be-Bratz range included a USB adapter that enabled the doll to establish a social media presence and play online games.

  • The year 2010

MGA introduced their first Bratz dolls of the year in August 2010 to commemorate the franchise’s tenth anniversary. On October 10, 2010, MGA introduced ten new Bratz female characters in addition to the two “returning” collections.

From years 2012-2017 Bratz Dolls Names

  • Bratzillaz, a spin-off featuring Bratz’s “witch cousins,” was launched in the autumn of 2012.
  • Bratz acquired a new logo and motto in 2013, and all the dolls received new bodies with articulated arms, the same height as its competition Monster High while retaining their distinctive faces and new outfits. Only new bodies created were created by Khloya, Yasmin, Jade, Sasha, Meigan, Fianna, Shira, Roxy, and Phoebe.
  • In January 2014, it was announced that Bratz would take another year off (but just in the United States) to rebuild the brand. This decision was taken because of the brand’s drop in popularity after its last sabbatical in 2010, which was sparked by a lawsuit against Mattel. MGA Entertainment returned to Bratz in the autumn of 2010 to commemorate the brand’s tenth anniversary and wanted to give Bratz the comeback it deserved.
  • Ray, a new character (although having the same name as the previous character), joined the original top four when Bratz returned in July 2015. The Bratz logo was also restored to its former glory, and a new motto was introduced.
  • Bratz production halted again in 2016 due to poor rebranding and low sales.
  • On May 20, 2017, Bratz Collector Isaac Larian revealed that Bratz would return in the autumn of 2018, as well as a partnership with fashion designer Hayden Williams. A new collection of Bratz Collector dolls, created by Hayden Williams and available only via Amazon, was formally introduced on Black Friday, 2018.

The year 2021 Names Of Bratz Dolls

  • SPECIAL EDITION 20 YEARS: Assemble these trendy special issue dolls in a magnificent foil box with a 20th-anniversary theme and a collectible holographic poster celebrating Bratz’s 20th birthday.
  • FAN FAVORITE RELEASE: Almost an identical replica of the dolls that started it all in 2001. Collect the classic Bratz Pack premiere photographs!

Male Bratz Doll Names

There are names male Bratz that are unique and have different forms of names.

  • Sidekick Dolls
  • Chirp Bratz
  • Village Dolls
  • Fathom Dolls
  • Box Names
  • Favor Names
  • Vagabond Names
  • Class Bratz
  • Cubs Dolls
  • Deem Names
  • Series Dolls
  • Fever Names
  • Ninja Dolls
  • Jive Dolls
  • Uniform Bratz
  • Lacey Bratz
  • Duchess Names
  • Aplenty Dolls
  • Lineage Bratz
  • Kin Bratz


If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a Bratz dolls names, the moment to make it happen is right now. This company has been established for more than ten years, yet it has maintained its look and tone during that time. Dolls come in a wide variety of styles, characterized by a variety of colors, forms, and sizes.

This is your opportunity to achieve the same level of popularity as the other females in the group. One of the essential things to consider when selecting a Bratz doll is to get the proper form and size. Since there is such a wide variety of dolls to choose from, it is essential to locate the one that best reflects your characteristics.

If you’re too little, you can’t play with the dolls, and if you’re too large, you may not be able to fit into any of their costumes. And if you don’t have enough money, many other manufacturers sell one-of-a-kind dolls for a price that is a fraction of what this one does.

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