What are the common challenges of ERP testing?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has emerged as the key to success in today’s cutthroat business environment. An organization can operate more efficiently by connecting its divisions, subdivisions, processes, and activities using an erp testing software suite. With the implementation of an ERP software suite, there may be a few difficult obstacles to overcome.

The difficulties can be linked to the suite’s poor management, especially the users’ insufficient training. To determine whether the software suite can satisfy all business requirements, the personnel should be skilled in performing ERP testing. Through Opkey’s State of Testing Report, it was known that some still enterprises are not happy with the testing. Therefore, in this post, we discuss some of the same challenges faced by enterprises.

Identifying the best team for erp testing

It can be challenging to locate individuals who can supervise and conduct testing. On the one hand, company subject matter specialists are most qualified to judge if the new ERP lives up to expectations. However, not all of these individuals will possess the knowledge or the time necessary to thoroughly test the proposed solution. Additionally, it can be challenging to determine whether a specialized test manager is necessary.

Tracking all the erp testing results

Effective management and tracking of test findings can be difficult, especially if the ERP vendor or system developer does not offer a solution to facilitate this. Any tool used for this purpose has to be straightforward to use and should enable simultaneous results entry from numerous users. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure that test reporting permits more than just the simple tracking of successful or unsuccessful rates.

Insufficient flexibility

If an ERP system isn’t sufficiently adaptable, your business may need to change its operations to fit the ERP for it to function. This may sound a little backward, and it may not seem worth the effort and money to reorganize your company and retrain your naturally resistant employees.

Time allocation for erp testing

How long and how much work is needed to test an ERP system effectively?  Typically, a timeline supplied by the ERP vendor or system integrator listing the primary implementation tasks and deadlines serves as the beginning point when organizing an ERP deployment. This is frequently an excellent starting point for planning, but it will inevitably concentrate on the duties that belong to the vendor. The first task is to evaluate this to make sure that all testing activities are covered and that the time allotted is sufficient, even if it will take testing time into account.

Final words

In the world of testing, where several enterprises are still facing some issues with the testing process, Opkey is here with top-level automation testing solutions. Being the industry’s first continuous test automation platform, Opkey has increased testing productivity by enhancing ERP features & productivity. With test results reduction and 75% IT Cost Savings, Opkey has proved to be one of the best solutions for ERP automation testing. Organizations can leverage over 30,000+ pre-built test accelerators for 15+ ERPs such as Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, and more. With Opkey’s simple visual drag-and-drop interface, one can easily create codeless tests and implement them faster. If you want your tests to run smoothly, then choosing Opkey would be a good choice!

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