999+ Reliable Tattoo Shop Names Idea 2024

So you have taken a step forward towards your dream. And you have finally coiled up all the courage to set up your own tattoo shop names. We congratulate you. But do you know the competition is really high nowadays? If you are aspiring to succeed in this bold step that you have taken, you must be different from others. People must recognize you individually.

And this starts with the name of your shop. You must pick up a bold name for your tattoo parlour. And if you are wondering what the name of your tattoo shop be, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to assemble 50+ best tattoo shop names. So without any further delay let us jump to the core content and explore what is waiting for you!

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Tattoo Parlour & Shop Names

A tattoo parlour name must be cool for only cool and classy name will be connected to vibes of the kind of people whom you are expecting as your customers. We have some such names for you that you can use freely for your shop if you wish to. And they will also motivate you to brainstorm some good names of your own if that is what you have planned to do.

  • Wrapped Tattoos
  • Eclipse Ink
  • Inked Out Tattoos
  • Deluxe Tattoo
  • Etched in Ink
  • Addicted to Ink
  • Altered Skin
  • Tatto Ability
  • Tatto Culture
  • Tattoops
  • Tatto Den
  • Tatto Horizon
  • Tattoaholic
  • Tattobea
  • Tatto Simple
  • Tattoque
  • Tatto Machine
  • Tattowind
  • Tatto Roundup
  • Tattovio
  • Tatto Bort
  • Tatto Lift
  • Tatto Logical
  • Tatto Potential
  • Tatto Intense
  • Tatto Mix
  • Tatto Dream
  • Tatto Wise
  • Tatto Smush
  • Tatto Sugar
  • Tattodo
  • Tatto Gang
  • Tatto Network
  • Tatto Jersey
  • Tattoworks
  • Tattonetic
  • Tatto Sprites
  • Tatto Organica
  • Tattoistic
  • Tatto Wild
  • Tatto Sweet
  • Tattolia
  • Tatto Monroe
  • Tatto Dusk
  • Tatto Outlaw
  • Tattooryx
  • Tattoonus
  • Tatto Air
  • Tatto Wrap
  • Tatto Mine
  • Tattoable
  • Tatto Evergreen

Black tide tattoo Shop Names

Blacktide Tattoo is one of the most famous tattoo shops names. They claim to have a team of top tattoo artists of the world, who design tattoos for them and their customers. Have you noticed the name? Doesn’t it sound cool? If you are seeing your small start-up reach this status one day, then you must start your journey with a more modern and creative name for your shop.

Tattoo Shop Names
Black tide tattoo Shop Names

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  • Afterthoughts Ink
  • Lineage Tattoo
  • Destination Ink
  • Kingdom of Ink
  • Misfits Tattoo
  • Eternium Tattoo
  • Shadow Ink
  • Tatto Gloss
  • Tatto Convert
  • Tatto Thug
  • Tatto Bison
  • Tatto Illuminate
  • Tatto Shrine
  • Tatto Vagabond
  • Tatto Vivid
  • Tatto Burst
  • Tatto Relieve
  • Tatto Intelligence
  • Tatto Worldwide
  • Tatto Karma
  • Tatto Explore
  • Tatto Blackboard
  • Tatto Royal
  • Tatto Think
  • Tatto Enigma
  • Tatto Stamp
  • Tatto Lily
  • Tattolance
  • Tatto Archives
  • Tatto Lift
  • Tatto Level

What is a Good Tattoo Shop Name?

A Tattoo Shop Names is one that makes your name sound easily noticeable. A name that maintains a class would be a good option. But also at the time keep in mind that your tattoo shop name is short, simple, and easy to pronounce. This will help your customers to remember you always.

  • Transference Tattoos
  • Skin Polish Tattoo Shop
  • Bloodlines Tattoo Studio
  • Paragon Tattoo
  • Homegrown Ink
  • The Ink Factor
  • Conspiracy Theory Tattoo Shop
  • Tatto Classic
  • Tattoaro
  • Tattoology
  • Tatto Research
  • Tatto Novel
  • Tatto Spire
  • Tatto Local
  • Tatto Quick
  • Tatto MVP
  • Tatto Create
  • Tatto Haste
  • Tatto Accelerate
  • Tatto Anarchist
  • Tattox
  • Tatto Power
  • Tattoorzo
  • Tatto Slingshot
  • Tattobia
  • Tatto Pinnacle
  • Tatto Approach
  • Tatto Command
  • Tatto Treasury
  • Tatto Aperture
  • Tatto Lust

Badass Tattoo Shop Names

If you want your Tattoo Shop Names to be a badass, the first benchmark will be audacity. Filter out tattoo shop names that are daring. It must appear like silent bold music that impels everyone to notice it. Have a look at the names below. Find:  Funny iPhone Names

  • Natural Elements Ink
  • Mantra Tattoo
  • Wicked Tattoos
  • Rising Sun Tattoo
  • One Nation Under Ink
  • Golden Gates Tattoo
  • Tatto Fascination
  • Tatto Type
  • Tatto Sim
  • Tatto Riser
  • Tatto Pure
  • Tatto Audience
  • Tatto Ideas
  • Tatto Assault
  • Tatto Spur
  • Tatto Boost
  • Tatto Edge
  • Tatto Directory
  • Tatto Forest
  • Tatto Road
  • Tatto Strap
  • Tatto Observer
  • Tatto Dollar
  • Tatto Sanctuary
  • Tatto Throttle
  • Tatto Terra
  • Tatto Wink
  • Tatto Fall
  • Tatto Snazzy
  • Tatto Survival

Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

A tattoo name must have clarity that communicates the right message to the right person. It also must fit the design of the tattoo and carry a hint about the significance of the tattoo as well. If you are looking for perfect names for your collection of tattoo designs, we have something for you. Just roll your eyes on the list below for amazing tattoo names.

Tattoo Shop Name
Tattoo Shop Name Ideas
  • Tiger Tattoos      
  • Hardcore Ink
  • Tattoo Nation     
  • Ignite Ink
  • Inkjection            
  • Dragonborn Ink
  • Apocalypse Tattoos          
  • Tatto Essence
  • Tatto Strum
  • Tatto Portray
  • Tatto Cookie
  • Tatto Forever
  • Tatto Clinical
  • Tatto Bow
  • Tatto Tots
  • Tatto Celestial
  • Tatto Loyal
  • Tatto Qualified
  • Tatto Aurora
  • Tatto Grow
  • Tatto Lighthouse
  • Tatto Map
  • Tatto Fields
  • Tatto Rah
  • Tatto Spot
  • Tatto Dawn
  • Tatto Metro
  • Tatto Floral
  • Tatto Auction
  • Tatto Orzo
  • Tatto Mystic

Piercing & Tatto Shop Name Ideas

A piercing Tattoo Shop Names deserves appreciation when it is artistic and motivating. Catch sight of the list below and your quest for a perfect name that fits your piercing shop is going to end successfully.

  • VIP  Mark
  • The Queenspot   
  • 90 Degree
  • Convicts 
  • Parlor     Beyond Ink
  • Vice Piercing
  • Edge of Insanity 
  • Tatto Elysian
  • Tatto Doubles
  • Tatto Propel
  • Tatto Scent
  • Tatto Goddess
  • Tatto Pinnacle
  • Tatto Luxuriate
  • Tatto Pine
  • Tatto Breakdown
  • Tatto Boss
  • Tatto Sharp
  • Tatto Moorland
  • Tatto Monster
  • Tatto Honor
  • Tatto Jet
  • Tatto Lift
  • Tatto Pin
  • Tatto Tael
  • Tatto Greener
  • Tatto Kart
  • Tatto Tantric
  • Tatto Daily
  • Tatto Ward
  • Tatto Conversion

Tattoo Artist Instagram Names

Social media nowadays impacts people in a strong way. These media give you the opportunity to explore the world and to express yourself. Instagram is no exception. So if you are a tattoo artist, let people know more about talent and admire it. But a brave nickname will suit your tattoo artist image more than your baptized name.

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  • Dakota Dusty
  • Fearless Flintstone            
  • Logan Lox
  • Rawhide Maisie
  • MyrtlePunky
  • Sully Spin
  • Tatto Crop
  • Tatto Sigma
  • Tatto Foxtrot
  • Tatto Supreme
  • Tatto Screen
  • Tatto Climate
  • Tatto Calm
  • Tatto Adorn
  • Tatto Verified
  • Tatto Superior
  • Tatto Estate
  • Tatto Genius
  • Tatto Scoot
  • Tatto Aplenty
  • Tatto Guru
  • Tatto Blitz
  • Tatto Carousel
  • Tatto Earthy
  • Tatto Monsters
  • Tatto Meditation
  • Tatto Ignition
  • Tatto Lawn
  • Tatto Luxe
  • Tatto Tour

Best Tattoo Shop Names 2022

New problems need new solutions and new times must be looked at from a new position. So if you are looking for a trendy name for your tattoo shop, you may refer to the list below.

  • The Tattoo Den
  • Dragon’s Maw Tattoo Parlor
  • Half Moon Tattoo Shop
  • Metamorphosis Ink
  • Hidden Gem Tattoos
  • Mayhem Tattoo
  • Portrait of a Tattoo
  • Tatto Bay
  • Tatto Watcher
  • Tatto Gravity
  • Tatto Agni
  • Tatto Joint
  • Tatto Ivy
  • Tatto Wired
  • Tatto Oasis
  • Tatto Click
  • Tatto Gardening
  • Tatto Pedal
  • Tatto Soft
  • Tatto Virtue
  • Tatto Strive
  • Tatto Bay
  • Tatto Realtime
  • Tatto Sunrise
  • Tatto Source
  • Tatto Natural
  • Tatto Void
  • Tatto Fireball
  • Tatto Aro
  • Tatto Maximum
  • Tatto Extravagant

Bad Tattoo Shop Names

Tattoo shop names must be cool. But sometimes people mistake slang like a word for a cool one. That is not right. Any name containing a word that hurts anyone’s emotion, pride, honour or religion must be avoided. Here we are going to put down some examples for you.

  • The Doghouse Tattoo Studio
  • The Asylum Tattoo Parlor
  • Revelations Ink
  • Into the Void Ink
  • Kiss of death tattoo
  •  The Number of the Beast
  • The Vulknut Tattoo
  • Tatto Bit
  • Tatto Unicorn
  • Tatto Atman
  • Tatto Chair
  • Tatto Playmaker
  • Tatto Euphoria
  • Tatto Millions
  • Tatto Max
  • Tatto Touch
  • Tatto Snuggle
  • Tatto Minty
  • Tatto Appear
  • Tatto Hermes
  • Tatto Round
  • Tatto Scout
  • Tatto Active
  • Tatto Agile
  • Tatto Redux
  • Tatto Machine
  • Tatto Shepherd
  • Tatto Prince
  • Tatto Creative
  • Tatto Forge
  • Tatto Flow

Another Name for a Tattoo Artist

Here comes another collection exclusively for you if you consider yourself a tattoo artist. A name that demands attention is needed if you want the word to notice you. You can use these names for your professional social media accounts as well. Pick up a name that suits your personal and professional style.

  • Venom Viper
  • Watt     
  • The Joker
  • Angel Heart         
  • Phoenix
  • The Lifestyle Tattooist      
  • Adam Bomb
  • Ally Kitty             
  • Bruce Lee
  • Tatto Dynamite
  • Tatto Zip
  • Tatto Modsih
  • Tatto Cabin
  • Tatto Sensor
  • Tatto Dale
  • Tatto Foam
  • Tatto Fly
  • Tatto Quite
  • Tatto Paddle
  • Tatto Aztec
  • Tatto Finesse
  • Tatto Growing
  • Tatto Duel
  • Tatto Zephyr
  • Tatto Exhibit
  • Tatto Show
  • Tatto Omega
  • Tatto Saver
  • Tatto Go Time
  • Tatto Shop
  • Tatto Sense
  • Tatto Tastings
  • Tatto Casa


Is owning a tattoo shop profitable?

Yes, it is! Every tattoo shop makes ₹241000 per annum.

How much do successful tattoo artists make?

If we count an average, every tattoo artist makes around 30₹ per hour. But if you are more talented than the rest, you will earn more than the rest.

What’s the typical name for a sheet of tattoo designs?

People call it Flash. Generally, you will get to see many flashes hanging on the wall. Of a Tattoo parlour.

How Do I Choose a Tattoo Artist Name?

Well, there is no easy made formula for it and it is not abided by any rule either. So You are free to find a name that goes with your personality.

What is Slang for Tattoo?

Tic, Tat or Ink are some slang words for tattoos.


Hope you liked our collection of Tattoo shop names and have picked up a fitting name for your own parlour from this collection of badass tattoo shop names. Thank you for visiting us!

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